To “Read It Later”, Get It Now!

“Read It Later” has to be one of the best apps I have ever downloaded from the Android marketplace – and, not to mention, one of my favorites. I am a non-recovering bibliophile, and am always on the hunt for new mediums through which I can feed my addiction to the written word. There are a few fiction websites that I frequently haunt, and enjoy reading from them on both my laptop (for home) and my phone (for everywhere else). Unfortunately, I had always run into difficulties with finding a means of communication between my laptop and my phone in regards to saving my current location within the story/book I am reading. In the past, I had resorted to email – what a pain! Having to email myself a new web address every time I read a new chapter in a story or found a new author to follow was extremely tedious. Thankfully, those days are in the past, now.

“Read It Later” functions as a bookmarking application that has the capability of talking to both my laptop and my phone. When I close down my computer and wish to make note of what I am reading, I simply click the ‘check button’ on the address bar in my browser. This automatically saves the web address to the “Read It Later” program. Should I choose to read that link on my phone, I need only to load up the app and click on the saved address to access my story. This program also has the ability to save links for offline access; I can reach my saved ‘sites via the application itself (offline), or I can export them to my browser for online reading. Saving my place on my phone is as simple as sharing the webpage with my “Read It Later” app, instead of with my email program.

Of course, I use this application for more than just reading – it makes doing my homework that much easier, too. Anything that I wish to bookmark and share with my laptop I can, and thanks to the “Read It Later” program this is made possible with only a few clicks/presses of a keyboard/touchpad. I highly recommend this application to anyone wishing for a more convenient way to share links between multiple technologies. The fact that it is a FREE application only makes it that much more desirable and, not to mention, affordable!

To download on the Android market, go the following link: To visit the “Read It Later” website, go to: This program is available on both the Android and Apple operating systems, and can be used with the following browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, and Chrome.