Pride Cometh…and Doesn’t Leave

In response to the query posted by The Daily Post on WordPress:

Pride. It is a complicated emotion, that both bolsters and hampers the one exuding it. Pride keeps your spirits up when the going is good (that promotion nearly caused my chest to puff up and explode right out of my shirt!) and causes us the most hurt when the outlook appears bleak (being fired would not be as traumatic had my pride not been wounded as much as it was). To admit to a mistake is to admit to not being perfect – something we are all aware of, something that our pride demands us not to show. To admit to such a shortcoming is to damage our pride – to do damage to ourselves. It is usually only in the aftermath of that mistake (and the subsequent fallout) that we see it as a learning opportunity instead of an insurmountable blow to our ego and sense of self-worth. “Pride cometh before the fall”, and picks us up from the ground on which we landed. Will it ever get easier to admit to a mistake? Maybe – with practice (and who honestly wishes to practice making mistakes?) or the tempering of our pride. It’s a bit of a toss-up as to which one would be the easiest.


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  1. Kelly
    Dec 21, 2011 @ 19:54:31

    This is really good! I know I sure don’t want to practice making mistakes…I do it enough already!


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