How To: Blog?

The Daily Post Query: What Is Your Personal System For Blogging?

I saw the title of this post on The Daily Post email I received and decided to run with it today – regardless of the fact that it was the heading of a survey, not a topic prompt. My personal system for blogging starts with my alarm clock: the first thing I do in the morning is check my email via my phone. After sorting through the various pieces of extraneous flotsam my email account attracts, I find and read The Daily Post’s topic prompt of the day. If I am out of bed and ready for the day in a timely manner, I write my blog post over breakfast. If I am not so punctual when performing my morning ablutions, I usually neglect to blog that day. For me, blogging happens in the morning or not at all.

While this blog is archived and shown in a digital format, I do not compose its contents with my computer – not at first. I am still a bit old fashioned at heart – I love carbon-based books as much (maybe a bit more) as I do their digital counterparts – and write my initial thoughts in my journal. This is then edited (yes, I edit my own journal), transposed into my word processor (Open Office), and then copy/pasted into my blog. When I am practicing minimization in my writing (i.e. my blog), I ‘think better’ on paper. When writing in more detail (i.e. term papers and such), I compose best on the computer. Strange, perhaps, but understandable – after all, in school daily assignments are hand-written, and only papers were typed. At least, this was true of assignments prior to college/uni. Are those not some of the most influential years in a child/young person’s life? They were for me – at least in regards to my writing habits.


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