A New Year’s Resolution To Observe…Really!

The Daily Post Query: What will you try to do everyday next year?

As I was seven months late jumping on the ‘daily blogging bandwagon’, my goal this coming year is to blog everyday. I enjoy writing on a daily basis, but have a tendency to let little things like ‘I want ten more minutes of sleep’ or ‘maybe I should read a little this morning instead of write’ get in the way of my blogging. Focus…it it something I need to grasp firmly with two hands and not relinquish ā€“ to cling tightly to all throughout the coming year. I want this to be the one New Year’s resolution I keep this year, instead of falling into the pile of recycled resolutions I resuscitate every January and let die every March. My goal is to be able to place an ‘I Pledge To Blog Every Day This Year’ badge (or something to that degree) on my blog as a reminder to myself to keep going, to never give up (no matter how temporarily) my goal. I know I can do it ā€“ and I will.


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