The Lines Are Drawn – Shopping Lines, That Is

The Daily Post Query: Would you ever wait in line overnight for something? If so, what?

The closest I have ever come to waiting in a line overnight to obtain/purchase an item would be the time I sat (quite literally) in line, eagerly awaiting the release of the seventh Harry Potter book. Of course, the group I was with was by far more civilized than those waiting for the Jordan shoe release – the only ‘boisterous’ moments of the evening occurred when I or a friend were a tad bit too vocal in our dismay over being forced to ‘draw four’ cards during one of our many games of UNO. The only thing I would ever have the patience to wait in a line overnight for is a book, and even then it would have to be one written by a most favorite author. As for waiting in a line for a sale or the chance at purchasing the item I want: not happening. ‘All good things come to those who wait’ – and shop online.

Happy Holidays!


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