Resolutions To Keep (Longer Than Three Months, That Is)

I feel a bit ashamed of myself, posting this late in the evening.  (I had all day to post, but completely forgot about it until now – too distracted by football games, I fear.)  As I do not have the time necessary to write out a proper blog post, I will simply make this one short and sweet: I intend to fulfill the 365 challenge set forth by WordPress and blog everyday this year.  I have not decided on any particular creative topic/topics to pursue in my writing throughout the year’s duration – if all else fails, I can always post responses to The Daily Post’s queries in order to reach my personal goal.  My New Year’s resolution is to rid my self of tendencies towards procrastination, starting with consistent, daily posting (as opposed to every other day or week).  My “To Do” lists will not become “To Don’t”‘s or “To Think About”‘s – I will manage my priorities, and not the other way around.

Here’s to a happy and safe New Year’s for all!


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