Winter In Chicagoland

Today’s post is in response to the weekly photo challenge given by The Daily Post on WordPress.  The picture I have included above is my interpretation of the image featured in the challenge, which is available for viewing at this link.  As the provided photo was titled “Winter” and featured a wooded scene covered in snow, I thought to do something similar in my response to the image.  I wanted the photograph I took to portray my perspective on this particular season (this year): to expose a glimpse of just what “winter” looks like in my backyard.  If you look really closely, you can see the two minuscule piles of snow: one on the far left-hand side of the picture towards the very bottom, and the other adjacent to the right angle formed by the fence near the base of the tree.  Unfortunately, this is the most snow my home has seen all year.

In creating this blog post, I could not help juxtaposing my picture with the challenge photo – and was left feeling rather disheartened.  Where are the many inches of snow promised to me by the weather forecaster earlier this month?  At this time last year we had several feet of snow – enough snow to very nearly result in the collapse of the roof to my former place of employment!  Everyday I look out my window and feel very much like that lone tree in the backyard.  From its bare branches to the empty bird’s nest the tree seems to exude a sense of waiting: waiting for a new set of tenants, waiting for its next change of covering (be it in white or green) – waiting out the passage of time.  Perhaps tomorrow we will both be rewarded for our patience.  All we can do, is wait.



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