The Many Faces of Publishing

I decided to go about today’s blog in a more unique fashion: it will be both written and published via mobile platform, with my device of choice being my new Kindle Fire.  For all of my past posts I have relied on my laptop as the medium through which to make myself heard.  I downloaded the WordPress app to my phone when it was released, but other than adding my blog to it I had not explored any of its other features.  I wanted today’s post to serve two purposes: to allow me the opportunity to use the WordPress app, and to give me an excuse to play with my new tablet!

There are a few options available to the mobile post-er when it come to writing out and publishing their blog’s content.  For one, WordPress allows its users the option of posting via email.  To do this, open up your Dashboard.  This is located within the drop down menu under the name of your blog, over on the upper-left hand side of your computer’s screen (it is by far simpler to set this up with a computer than it is on a mobile device).  On the Dashboard’s homepage, click on the link titled “My Blogs” on the upper-left hand side of the screen.  On this page, you will find a grey table with the name of your blog, or blogs, on the left side and various publishing options on the right.  If you do not see the “Publish by Email” option on the table, click screen options (top-right of the page) and make sure this option has a check-mark next to it (this will add it to the table).  Once you see it on the table, click the “Enable” button underneath it.  You are now able to post via your email account!  To know where to send your email, look to the left side of the “My Blogs” table under the column “Address”.  Here you will find the address you need to send your blog email to (if you have more than one blog, make sure you find the correct one!)  Piece of cake, right?

Should you decide to use the app for publishing, you will find that nearly every posting option available to you on the WordPress website is also there for your use on the mobile platform.  The “New Post” option is where you can write and subsequently post your blog, with the options “Quick Photo” – for picture upload – and “Quick Video” – for video upload – should you prefer to post media instead of or in addition to a written post.  The “Posts” option gives the writer the opportunity to view their posts after they have published them – just as visitors to their site would see them.  The convenience does not stop there: the user can also track their stats and read other blogs with this application – all made possible through this app’s user-friendly interface.  Mobile blogging made easy, as well as fun!

As for myself, I prefer to do my typing on the Quickoffice Pro application I have installed on my Kindle.  This app works as a mobile office suite, allowing the user to create documents (through Quickword), spreadsheets (through Quicksheet), presentations (through Quickpoint), and PDF’s (through QuickPDF).  The only downside to this app is the fact that is not free, but if you find yourself utilizing these tools on the go as often as I do, you will find that the cost is an investment worth making.  After I finish typing up my post, I will need to edit out all of the spelling errors I made due to clumsy finger typing on a touch screen.  Then it is a simple matter of copying the contents of this document and pasting them into the “New Post” option on the WordPress app.  After a few tweaks – such as giving the post a title and defining tags and categories – I will be ready to post!


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