It Only Takes A Few Moments To Stand Up…To Cancer

I recently added the Social Vibe widget to my blog, wanting to do my part in the funding of the Stand Up To Cancer foundation.  Excited, I immediately clicked on the application to try it out.  I was disappointed to be met with an error message, informing me that more “activities” were coming soon and to try back later.  Completing activities, I learned, is the means through which each charity gains its donation.  Every time a user completes an activity, a minute donation is made in their name to the charity sponsoring said activity.  Irritated, I decided to try again at a later time.

Upon the completion and publication of my post the next day, I thought to try the application once again.  Fortunately, I did not run into any errors – my activity loaded up and I was able to complete it in a matter of a few minutes.  For those who may be curious, the activity consisted of answering a short questionnaire about being Eco-friendly, then introduced me to a “green” website I had not yet heard of.  I decided to make today’s post about this widget, and to encourage any and all of my readers to spare a few moments of their time and answer a few questions for a good cause.  It may not seem like much, but every little bit helps fund the research working towards the eradication of one of humanity’s most deadly killers.  Show your support and participate today!


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