The Necessity of Bookmarks

During my downtime, I enjoy reading the many short stories that I find on fiction websites all over the Internet.  Once and a while I get lucky, and the author has ever-so conveniently posted their stories as a PDF file for their readers to download instead of read online.  As a PDF the story made available in its totality, instead of making the reader wait for each and every story update up to its completion.  On my computer, I am able to view these files through the program called Preview – Apple’s answer to the Adobe reader.  With this program, I am able to create bookmarks for myself to go back to should I not finish the story in one sitting.  As real life rarely slows down long enough for more than a few minutes of reading at a time, bookmarks have been transformed from necessity to godsend.

Of course, my laptop is not the only medium through which I read my downloaded stories.  As a firm believer in multi-platform functionality, I have been looking for an Android app that will allow me to not only read my PDF files on my tablet and phone, but to be able to add bookmarks as well.  This was not as easy a task as I thought it would be.  I had hoped that the solution I required wold be found already on my phone.  Naturally, this was not the case.  A few posts ago, I waxed poetic over the Android application QuickOffice Pro, and the wonders of its functionality as a portable office suite.  In addition to the word processing and spreadsheet creating programs included within the app, it also featured a program called QuickPDF – a PDF reader with the added ability of creating and editing PDF files.  After emailing the story to my Google account (an account easily accessible to both my phone and tablet), I opened it with the QuickPDF program and crossed my fingers.  While I was pleased at being able to read my story on my phone/tablet, there was one major problem with the program’s execution: the inability to create bookmarks.  Frustrated, I tried using the Kindle app that came with my tablet, only to be met with the same results.

One quick search for PDF reader applications in the Android marketplace later, and I came across the app ExPDF Reader.  After doing a bit of research, I discovered that this program not only had the ability to create bookmarks with PDFs, it also worked on both tablet and cell phone interfaces!  The only drawback – this is not a free app.  Of course at that point, I was more than willing to spend a few dollars in order to be able to use a product that completely met my needs.  The application is easy to use, storing my PDF files on a “bookshelf” for convenient access and perusal.  Adding bookmarks as easy as clicking a button and giving it a name.  Pages are flipped instead of scrolled through, and managing your files is made simple through the easy-to-use menu.  Thank you, EzPDF – you have made me a very happy customer!


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    Jan 12, 2012 @ 23:30:14

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