It’s A Full Moon Out, And Who Cares About Werewolves…I Want To See The ISS!

Tonight’s is a quick post: I have been a bit busy today, and am really cutting it close on my midnight deadline (I usually have my posts at least written by now).  I do not know if any one else frequents NASA’s website as much as I do – I am guilty of visiting it at least three times a week, usually more.  If this is your first time visiting the website, one of the many things you will notice is the section of the homepage on the lower-left hand side called NASA Images.  If you click on the picture they have featured, it will link you to the Image of the Day Gallery.  In this Gallery, web users can look at past and present photos about topics ranging from active black holes, recently discovered nebulae, astronauts and spacecraft from every decade, and even pictures from some of the missions themselves.  Today’s photo is a picture of our moon, with the International Space Station (ISS) clearly visible on the upper-left hand side of the screen.  If you read the caption below, you will learn that the ISS is actually visible to the naked eye – though it is only occasionally and on clear nights free of light pollution.  This makes me more determined to keep my seat on the “green” bandwagon and fight pollution (of all kinds).  It is more than worth it for a chance at glimpsing the ISS, especially if I can do so right from my backyard!  For more information about the ISS – just in case this is your first time hearing about it – please visit the station’s mission page on NASA’s website, located here.


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