The Continued Memoirs of A Mac Addict (Or, The Transformation of A PC iNto A Mac)

When I decided to take the leap and switch over to a Mac, I wanted to make sure I purchased the right one for me.  As you all know, Mac’s are not cheap: when buying a Mac, the consumer is paying for good quality hardware, for a computer that will last them years longer than a cheaply bought PC (homegrown PC’s are a completely different story).  Low prices tend to be the result of sacrifice – the cheaper the computer, the less features it will come with and the lower the quality pre-existing features will have.

To find out which Mac laptop was right for me, I needed to figure out exactly what I was planning to do with my new computer – how I planned on using it.  Would the MacBook Air be the better choice, or the MacBook Pro?  Which one would suite my needs most?  I hit the search engines (Google), trying to dig up every specification I could find to run a comparison on the two and decide which one would be the better fit.  I read that the Air, while cheaper, had a slower processor, less memory, and a less powerful graphics card than the Pro.  The lightness of the Air did make for a tempting possibility (especially when going back and forth to school and home while navigating the public transportation system.  It would certainly make a book bag much easier to carry), but I valued performance much more than I did aesthetic qualities.  That decision made, it was time to decide which Pro I wanted to buy.  For that, I needed to make a trip to Best Buy.  (To be continued…)


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