The Concluded (For Now) Memoirs of A Mac Addict (Or, The Transformation of A PC iNto A Mac)

One successful trip to Best Buy later and I was the overly proud owner of a new MacBook Pro.  I decided to purchase the model with the thirteen-inch monitor – when comparing them at the store, the differences in screen sizes was minimal in my eyes, and the lighter weight of the thirteen-inch was a huge plus!  After arriving home, I powered up my new laptop…and then partitioned the hard drive and added Windows via Bootcamp (I was ready for a change, not to cut the umbilical cord).  Now, almost one year has passed and I have since removed Windows from my system.  I plan to add it back at a later date – always best to never let your skills dry up, no matter how much I really do prefer my MacBook over the Windows operating system.

As I continue to test the limits of my laptop’s capabilities, I will be sure to post about any major differences (be they positive or negative) I notice between the Mac OS and the Windows OS (I have already made one post about some of the programs unique to the Mac OSX here).  I know that finding information posted by Mac users on the internet helped me make the decision to switch, and continues to answer any questions that I have even now (forums are my Geek Squad).  If there is ever anything in particular someone wishes to know about MacBooks, please post your query in the comments section of my blog post and I will answer them.  Until then!


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  1. awesomelikeme86
    Jan 16, 2012 @ 23:21:59

    I have always wanted a Mac Book. I heard they are better, please tell me why they are so different? I have an iPad and I had a iPhone so I know how those Apple products work but what is so great about them? I still want a Mac Book as of now and I am seriously thinking about buying one but if somebody ask me ok what do you like about the Mac I would have no idea lol What are some positive and negative things about a Mac?


    • Nyck Hun.
      Jan 17, 2012 @ 16:37:18

      Based on your query, I am going to assume that you are a Windows user looking to purchase a Mac (if I am reading contextual clues correctly).  I could easily write a novella on why I love my MacBook – and considering that a couple years ago you could not get me to look at a Mac much less use one, that is really saying something!  I used to scoff at the notion of owning such a “simple” computer, as though I should justify my own ‘techyness’ through the daily “struggles” of using a Windows based system.  I felt like I would be cheating, using a Mac.

      The major reason I made the switch was the superior hardware: no corners cut to fit a budget here!  In regards to quality, you most certainly get what you pay for.  As for the “pros” and “cons” about my computer, I most certainly can make a list for you! A major “pro” of the MacBook is the extended battery life, achieved without paying for a larger (12 cell) battery. My battery lasts up to seven hours on single application use, and I can watch several videos before my computer warns me of low battery life. The trackpad (or “mouse”) is also a definite plus, as it is so much more than just a mouse!  Much like a touch screen, I can pinch and stretch to zoom in and out while looking at files, navigate – top of screen, bottom of screen, back page, forward page – with the swipe of a few fingers, and scroll in all directions by moving two fingers in the direction I want to go.  Mind you, these are only a few of the options available – the trackpad can do so much more and with so little effort! The cost of upgrading is a firm “pro”: I just upgraded my operating system to the newest version…it cost me $30. Best of all, there are practically NO VIRUSES that affect Apple computers! (There is an excellent free anti-virus program that I can recommend if you are still paranoid – it’s hard to shake that Windows mentality.) Lastly, the overall ease-of-use is a definite positive in my book. My laptop boots up and down in less than seven seconds with my Mac OS; it can take almost a full minute to do the same in Windows.  Loading applications is quicker, installation is quicker, and system changes are redundancy-free.

      The only three “cons” I have run across so far are mere minor annoyances – nothing life changing. The lack of a Paint program is irritating – you never realize how much you use that program until you no longer have it, and there is no really good equivalent available on the Apple App Store. Not all software developers for Macs move as fast as I want them to, resulting in delays in program compatibility. (Remember back when Windows first introduced Vista and nothing worked with it?  This is similar to that, only on a much smaller scale (only two programs that I have come across so far) and no obnoxious patching.) Sadly, two of the online games I like to play (because I am geeky like that) do not work with Mac at the moment, although I hope they will jump on the bandwagon soon.

      These are just a few of the things I like most about my MacBook, and I hope they give you a better idea on what to expect with an Apple computer. It took me almost a year to say goodbye to a full-time Windows OS and cut the umbilical cord, and I have never looked back. Let me know if this answered your questions, and if you have any more please do not hesitate to ask!


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