So I’m A Storage Junkie…Your Point?

I will admit the fact that the Kindle Fire did not come with an external memory card slot was, initially, a concern for me.  While I did not need my tablet to contain more than eight Gigabytes of storage space, the option to add more later was quite appealing.  In fact, the lack of optional storage was almost a deal breaker for me.

Why did I decide to go with the Kindle anyways?  Simple: I stopped and thought about it objectively.  What would I be putting on my Fire that would require so much space?  My music is hosted in the cloud, and my movies can always be compressed to save room and unzipped whenever I wish to watch them (which is not that often). That left documents and apps, and would I really put that many apps on my tablet?

When I look at the amount of storage space I have left on my Kindle, I see that I have well over a Gigabyte’s worth of room left – and I have not even compressed any of my videos yet!  I had been worrying for nothing.  A word (or two) of advice to anyone else out there stressing over storage inadequacy issues: you can either compress your files (a bit tedious, as you have to make sure there is enough room on the device to unzip the files to view them, and you have to repeat this process every time you wish to view said files) or store them in the cloud.  You can keep your movies, videos, pictures, and documents in Amazon’s cloud service, and there are several other websites who can offer you those same options (Google, Sugar Sync, Dropbox, and Mozy, to name a few).  Not having an external memory slot is not an operational concern for the Kindle – just operator complaint.

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