The Fire Burns On!

To wrap up my commentary on the noted “issues” of the Kindle Fire’s performance, I need to address two more problems: the audio being slightly off on videos streamed through Netflix, and its tendency to crash.  For the first issue,  a fix is available.  All the user needs to do is download the newest version of Netflix…that’s it!  The best way to ensure that your Netflix account works on your Kindle is to download the app from the Amazon App Store (do not side-load it).  That way, new updates are available to the user immediately, ensuring that any audio bugs are corrected as soon as possible.

As for crashing – not once has my Kindle Fire crashed on me.  In talking to a friend (who also owns a Fire) I discovered that their tablet had only crashed when they attempted to do too many things at once on it – such as viewing a graphic heavy website and attempting to click on too many media links at once.  Crashing seems to be more operator error than an actual problem, though I will post should I ever have this issue on my own tablet.  Overall, the Kindle Fire can keep on boasting about its great performance.  They have most certainly earned the right!


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