Are You A Brook Or A Sea?

(Photo response will be posted tomorrow.)


“THE SEA said ‘Come’ to the Brook,
The Brook said ‘Let me grow!’
The Sea said ‘Then you will be a Sea —
I want a brook, Come now!'”

–Emily Dickinson

Have you ever felt like a Sea-bound brook?  External influences are telling you that you must conform and fit into a certain mold – that you have more value for what they can make you into than who you already are.  At my old job, I knew that my position, what I did, did not amount to much in the eyes of my employers.  After all, I was easily replaceable: in fact, it was cheaper for the company to hire someone else than to keep me on.  It is a very humbling experience, realizing your ‘true’ place in the bigger scheme of things.  I was a cog in a wheel – a brook in a Sea.

Now when I look for new places of employment, I find myself taking a good look at all of the choices available to me.  Do I want to lose myself, to become lost in another Sea?  Or do I have the courage to stand up and say “Let me grow!”  Perhaps becoming a sea is not in my future, though neither is remaining only a Brook.  I desire the chance to grow, both personally and professionally.  Now is the opportunity to do so.


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