To Be, Or Not To Be…Romantic, That Is

I had originally planned to write today’s post about the history behind Valentine’s Day.  Unfortunately, there is no one answer as to how this tradition was started.  In fact, the only thing that can be said about the holiday – with some certainty – is that it was named after (one of) the martyred saint(s) Valentine (or Valentinus) of Rome.  I, myself, am of two opinions about the matter.  The skeptic in me would rather focus on the irony of a holiday about love finding its inception in the death of its originator.  The romantic cannot help but wonder if Shakespeare might have allowed the tragedy surrounding this day to influence the creation of his well-known characters Romeo and Juliet, keeping alive the message of a love too true to be touched by death.  When a person gets married, they swear to love their other half until “death does them part”.  I believe it is that kind of devotion, that kind of love that should fuel the passions provoked by this day of romance – not obligation (or guilt) inspired by a “Hallmark-generated holiday”.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.


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