The Best Kind Of Indulgence…

The theme of the week is “Indulge“, if you follow the prompts given for the weekly photo challenge hosted by the blog Daily Post.  What do I indulge in?  Originally, I was going to take a picture of one of my favorite books, a cup of Earl Grey tea, and my favorite hoodie; added together, they are the recipe for my favorite indulgence: a comfortable reading session with a delicious cup of tea.  Of course, this led to one serious conundrum – which book do I choose?  How could I possibly pick only one?  Should I take a picture of my mini-library instead?  Still debating the merits of photographing an Alexandre Dumas adventure versus a Jane Austen classic or a Janet Evanovich thriller, I came upon the perfect solution: cookies!

Don't forget the milk!

…and not just any cookies: gooey chocolate chip cookies!  In my house, cookies are usually only made during the holidays: Christmas, Easter, or Thanksgiving.  It is a rare treat to find a chocolate chip cookie in my house at any other time of the year, and I lucked out!  Now, one cannot live by baked chocolatey goodness alone – there must be milk!  Needless to say, I rather enjoyed the results of this week’s challenge…and may have enjoyed it a little later in the day as well.  What can I say, other than it was all in the name of research!  (Really!)


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