Receding Horizons (Not Hairlines)

I fibbed.  I will not be able to finish my post on VMFusion this evening – it’s not yet completed.  My goal is to have it finished and posted tomorrow (I can only hope the Fates agree).

Tonight I looked out the back window of my house and saw Jupiter bright and beautiful underneath the thin sliver of moon in the night sky.  Unfortunately, I could not figure out some of my camera’s settings in time to capture a picture of it, though I am hopeful that tomorrow I may be more successful.  (Cameras are the unknown to me – give me a computer, tablet, or phone and I have no issues, but present me with a camera and I am all thumbs.)  I want to be ready to capture an image of Venus during the month of March, when it will be clearly visible during the day!

“The history of astronomy is a history of receding horizons.”

— Edwin Powell Hubble

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