Patterns of Contrast

For almost two years now, I have been working on my second quilting project.  Of course, I may have been done with it by now, had I not chosen to make a 95″ by 95″ bed quilt.  Now, eighty-one quilt blocks later, I am finally ready to take a look back at my work: to figure out how I want my pieces to be laid out before I sew and quilt them together.  I had never really noticed the contrasts apparent in my fabric choices until this weekend – had never really thought about it until I looked at this week’s photo challenge, “Contrast“, and applied its theme to my current artistic undertaking.  Interestingly enough, I found four different examples of my having used two (or more) different fabrics with the same pattern, their colors being the only point of contrast.


Gold leaves on gold background.

Gold leaves on a red background.

While a more obvious color contrast is apparent in the red block, there is enough of a contrast present in the other block to differentiate the more subtle differences between the two shades of gold.


Floral pattern on blue background.

Floral pattern on brown background.

Here the same floral pattern is featured, with the red, blue, and brown colors forming quite the study in contrast.

Floral pattern on red background.


Leaves on green background.

Leaves on red background.

I believe there to be a greater contrast of colors visible within the red block, though both red and green backgrounds blend well with the pattern of leaves in the foreground.


Cherry blossoms in red.

Cherry blossoms in black.

I love the dark/light contrast in these two pieces; the darker background really makes the cherry blossoms “pop”.




The most obvious contrast within my quilt is, of course, what is happening outside of these rather colorful blocks.  Every one of my blocks are outlined in black, and surrounded by several inches of tan (my background color).  What better way to make all eighty-one blocks – complete with eighty-one different fabric colors, shades, and/or patterns – stand out, than to employ the tried and true method of contrasting dark (colors) with light (background)?


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rhea Shad
    Mar 15, 2012 @ 02:50:27

    Love the Cherry blossoms in black.


  2. frizztext
    Mar 16, 2012 @ 10:40:03


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