What Ever Happened To Dodging?

I went shopping at a Babies”R”Us this afternoon with my mother, in search of gifts to purchase for her friend’s baby shower.  As we traversed throughout the store, I could not help but goggle at the sheer amount of stuff available to the consumer – everything you could possibly think of, and even a few things you hadn’t.  Items such as this one, for example.

The accident preventer - and look, it's even machine washable for further buyer convenience!

I found this product hanging up opposite the bathroom supplies aisle.  I picked it up, gaped, read the description, gaped again, hung it back up, walked away…then walked pack and took a picture of it, all the while still gaping in a sort of stupefied shock.  Is this really the sort of item that new parents are looking for, the type of gift idea they would put on a gift registry hoping that – on the day of the shower – they would find it buried underneath a layer or two of wrapping or tissue paper?  (What does this say about our economic mindset, I wonder, that companies would actually take the risk that such things would sell and produce them in the first place?)  While I have nothing against those who see this product as a must-have item for their baby inventory cache, I could not imagine spending money on such a thing, much less ten dollars.  Call me cheap, but I would much rather stick to the old tried and true method: dodging.


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