An Unnatural, Natural Arrangement

The moment I discovered the name of this week’s photo challenge theme (“Arranged“), I knew what pictures I would use for my challenge response.  During my last trip to Chicago (the same one in which I took the photos of the telescopes in the Planetarium), my friends and I decided to eat lunch in Chinatown.  Now, one does not simply go to Chinatown solely to eat – after all, there are plenty of gift shops to go bankrupt in, architecture and statuary to admire, and, in spring, beautiful pear tree blossoms to photograph.

A careful arrangement of nature in the midst of the urban jungle.

In this picture, it is easy to spot the numerous pear trees so carefully arranged within the median decorating Cermak Road (otherwise known as the Chinatown Main Street).

A pear tree in full bloom.

This photo of a single, blooming pear tree was taken during our sojourn through the open market off of Archer Avenue.  Smaller pear trees, such as this one, can be found periodically dotting the walkway through the open market, all tastefully arranged to appear as an oasis of beauty and peace – or as much of an oasis as can be found in as busy a city as Chicago.  I find it ironic that for one to “escape” the feel of the man-made city, one is expected to lose themselves in the nature present within its borders – despite the fact that it was both planted and arranged by human hands.  Nature is not the only force capable of “natural” arrangements anymore.

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