Two Subjects Are Better Than One

The picture “Two Subjects” is this week’s Daily Post photo challenge theme, prompting participants to capture a photo that focuses not on one subject but two.  After looking through my recent pictures, I settled on the following one to use as my response to this challenge theme.

Both a satellite dish and lilac bush vie for the viewer's attention.

This photo was taken in my backyard, and features not only my family’s renegade lilac bush but also our satellite dish (the one on the left) as well.  I’m rather fond of the juxtaposition of nature and technology in this picture, of the image of man-made and earth-made “products” both occupying the same space.  Is this just a case of technology’s presence lowering the lilac bush’s aesthetic value?  Or maybe the bush is hampering the functioning of the satellite dish by growing so closely?  Can two such concepts – technology and the environment – truly operate in harmony?  Perhaps they are only just two subjects in a photo, both different – and unrelated.


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