Birds of A Feather…Hang Out Together

I’m in training for a new job all this week via teleconference at a building not so close to my house.  The drive is not so bad: it’s mostly highway driving, which is something I actually enjoy.  We are given several breaks throughout the day in order to break up the monotony of staring at a computer screen for hours on end.  (The key to remaining engaged in online learning for eight hours straight is being very good at entertaining yourself.)

When I came into training this morning, I expected it to rain for a good portion of the day – not that I minded.  (Rain tends to put a damper on one’s daydreams of escaping outside and soaking in the sun’s rays, making the thought of staying in all day far more palatable.)  A couple of hours into my class, I heard a tapping noise coming from one of the windows on my right-hand side.  Curious, I looked over to the window and saw a cardinal outside on the ground, staring in at me.  As I watched, this same cardinal flew up and then into the glass over and over again, determined to gain entrance into the building.  What could be powering his insistence on flying into my classroom, I wondered?  (I felt like the window had become a mirror, showing the cardinal’s actions as a reflection of my own: both of us staring at something we were determined to achieve (knowledge, in my case…classroom access, in his), both of us too stubborn to quit.)

If at first you don’t succeed…well, that glass can’t hold up forever!

After he flew away, I assumed I wouldn’t see him again…and I was wrong.  For the entire time I was at training, he was my constant companion, and distraction.  My picture does not do him justice – he would not stay still long enough for me to better capture his image.  Thankfully, he did not try to follow me home.

What a welcome back to another day of work!


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