Talk To The Hand (Or Vice Versa)

This week’s photo challenge theme is titled “Hands“.  After struggling through deciding how to answer this prompt, I eventually came up with the following picture:

It is more difficult than you would think to take a picture of a shadow animal without the hand that brings it to life.

In today’s culture, hands are an essential part of nonverbal communication for many people.  Many of us talk with our hands, shake hands when meeting someone for the first time, holds hands with someone we care about, and make gestures (naughty or nice) to convey our current feelings.  When communicating via sign language, hands are the tools by which words are spoken, spelling out words, sentences, conversations, and emotions.  My picture is a rather sad attempt at a shadow creature (I will not embarrass myself by announcing what creature it was meant to be).  The creation of shadow caricatures is just another way in which we use our hands to tell stories.

Picture a world without hands.  Could you imagine going a full day without using your hands when communicating, whether it be through movement or socially acceptable gestures?  How long would you last?

…I wouldn’t survive ten minutes.


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