The Taste of Summer

This week’s theme for the Daily Blog photo challenge is “Summer“, and how the reader expresses their meaning of “summer” through picture.

Fire up the taste of summer!

In my family, “summer” means “grilling time”.  Now, while we are known to occasionally fire up the grill on a cold, wintry evening in December, the summer months are when our grills see the most action.  There’s just something about cooking a brat or a steak over an open flame that makes it taste that much better than when preparing it over a stove or inside an oven.  This year, my summer started much earlier than it normally does, kicking off at the end of April instead of the beginning of June.  To me, this means more sunny days to laze about on the patio, more opportunities to enjoy spending outside of the house instead of in, and more excuses to cook supper outside on the grill.  Here’s to summer!

(By the way, the dog you see in the picture’s lower left-hand corner is my dog, Dayzi.  While she enjoys the summer, she is a far greater fan of the winter; she is quite the connoisseur of snow drifts and icicles!)


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  1. The Retiring Sort
    May 29, 2012 @ 07:19:42

    On our evening walks, we’re beginning to smell the neighborhood grills and their products – it is one of the smells of the season!


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