I am an extreme bibliophile, an avid researcher, and a technology addict. I am a writer, a quilter, and – most recently – a Bachelor’s Degree recipient!

I am a Navy brat: my father served in the military for twenty years, and was stationed (along with his family) in several different military bases within and without Northern American borders.  I was born in the southern part of California, and lived there for two years before my family was transferred to a base in Connecticut.  From there we were transferred to the N.A.T.O. base in Keflavik, Iceland, and remained there for five years.  My family fell in love with the country, and would have stayed longer had we not had to return to the States for personal reasons.  Our final transfer was to the Great Lakes base in Illinois, and we have lived in the Chicagoland area ever since.

The traveling my family underwent in my youth gave me an appreciation for the different cultures I have seen, and a fascination for learning new things.  I am a victim of wanderlust, and enjoy traveling to new places – even if it is just hopping into my Jeep and taking off for parts unknown (another county, perhaps) on a road-trip.  Earning my degree in English has only sharpened my excitement over discovering and learning of new topics and points of interest in literature.  After almost every class I took – American literature, British literature, Caribbean literature, Latin American literature, and so on – I felt as though I had traveled to a new place or time period, and given free reign to explore as I pleased.

I am on the job market now, and searching for a position in my field (technical writer, copy editor, proofreader, etc.).  I seek to continue learning, to recapture again and again that feeling of wonder when faced with new material for the first time.  I love reading, and love taking the opportunity to meet new authors via their texts no matter the genre.  Bring on the frustrations of job hunting – I cannot wait to start my career!

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    May 26, 2012 @ 03:43:52

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