The Ambiguities of Advertising

A few days ago, my parents and I took a drive to go visit a somewhat local quilting convention being held further instate.  On the way there, we made a brief stop at a Starbucks in hopes of meeting our daily caffeine quotas.  While walking up to the Starbucks, I happened to notice that the coffee place was a part of a plaza, with a Verizon store and a Jimmy John’s right next door.  I also happened to notice this sign posted on what looked like one of Verizon’s front-of-store windows:

Sounds tempting, doesn't it?

So…they will not give out free phones, but free smells are okay?  What kind of smells are we talking about?  I could almost imagine the conversation I might have with one of my friends over this “new” feature (as I am the only Verizon user among them): “Did you hear?  My carrier gives out free smells to their customers.  How does your T-Mobile/Sprint/AT&T carriers compete with that?”

I later learned that “Free Smells” is actually a widely recognized Jimmy John’s slogan.  Ah well, it was amusing while it lasted!