Are You A Brook Or A Sea?

(Photo response will be posted tomorrow.)


“THE SEA said ‘Come’ to the Brook,
The Brook said ‘Let me grow!’
The Sea said ‘Then you will be a Sea —
I want a brook, Come now!'”

–Emily Dickinson

Have you ever felt like a Sea-bound brook?  External influences are telling you that you must conform and fit into a certain mold – that you have more value for what they can make you into than who you already are.  At my old job, I knew that my position, what I did, did not amount to much in the eyes of my employers.  After all, I was easily replaceable: in fact, it was cheaper for the company to hire someone else than to keep me on.  It is a very humbling experience, realizing your ‘true’ place in the bigger scheme of things.  I was a cog in a wheel – a brook in a Sea.

Now when I look for new places of employment, I find myself taking a good look at all of the choices available to me.  Do I want to lose myself, to become lost in another Sea?  Or do I have the courage to stand up and say “Let me grow!”  Perhaps becoming a sea is not in my future, though neither is remaining only a Brook.  I desire the chance to grow, both personally and professionally.  Now is the opportunity to do so.

Does Your Blog Have Enough Flair?

I wanted to make a point of showing off the shiny new badge my blog is sporting (look to the right side of the screen on your computer or mobile device (remember to click the view full screen option on the bottom of the page on your phone’s browser if you are viewing in mobile mode)).  The 2012 Posting Badges are now available!  I made a promise to myself to post every day this year: partly to see if I could do it, and partly because I had missed out on that challenge last year and wanted to make up for it.  Are you committed to posting every day or once a week this year?  If so, make sure to let your readers know by placing a badge on your blog page as well.  If you are unsure of how to do this, just follow these few steps:

1. Click on this link and pick out which badge you like the most (be it for daily or weekly posting).  Right-click that image and save it to your computer.  Then access your Dashboard (upper-left hand corner of your screen under your blog’s name), place your cursor above the Media option also located on the left side of your screen, and click Add New.  Click the Select Files button, find the badge image you saved, and click Open.  After the image has uploaded itself, you can then add a title, caption, or description, should you choose to do so.  BEFORE you click Save All Changes, highlight and copy the File URL located underneath the image description.  Then click Save All Changes.

2. Place your cursor over the Appearance option on the left side of the screen and click Widgets.  Within your Available Widgets menu you will see the Image widget.  Drag this widget over to the Sidebar menu on the right hand side of the screen and drop it into an open space.  On the Image widget you will see an upside-down arrow on the far right end – click on it.  Paste the File URL you copied into the spot called Image URL.  There are a few customization options available to you (title, caption, size, etc.) that you can fill in; if you just want the end result to look exactly like the image you saved, leave these spaces black.  Make sure you paste the URL for the Daily Post Blog Site ( into the Link URL box.  This allows visitors to your blog the opportunity to read up on the 2012 posting challenge from the source and “spread the word” about it.  Click Save to finish.

3. Open your blog’s main page and check out your new badge!

4. Do not forget to tag your posts!  Add the tag postaday to each of your posts to indicate that they were written for this challenge, and add other tags as well to make it easier for viewers to search for and find your blog.

5. Good luck, and happy blogging!

Eleanor Roosevelt Was Here

This is my personal mantra, and can be found continuously repeating itself inside my head whenever I am dealing with those less eager to listen than be heard – and saying whatever comes to mind to make that possible, no matter how thoughtless the content.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

— Eleanor Roosevelt

Resolutions To Keep (Longer Than Three Months, That Is)

I feel a bit ashamed of myself, posting this late in the evening.  (I had all day to post, but completely forgot about it until now – too distracted by football games, I fear.)  As I do not have the time necessary to write out a proper blog post, I will simply make this one short and sweet: I intend to fulfill the 365 challenge set forth by WordPress and blog everyday this year.  I have not decided on any particular creative topic/topics to pursue in my writing throughout the year’s duration – if all else fails, I can always post responses to The Daily Post’s queries in order to reach my personal goal.  My New Year’s resolution is to rid my self of tendencies towards procrastination, starting with consistent, daily posting (as opposed to every other day or week).  My “To Do” lists will not become “To Don’t”‘s or “To Think About”‘s – I will manage my priorities, and not the other way around.

Here’s to a happy and safe New Year’s for all!

A New Year’s Resolution To Observe…Really!

The Daily Post Query: What will you try to do everyday next year?

As I was seven months late jumping on the ‘daily blogging bandwagon’, my goal this coming year is to blog everyday. I enjoy writing on a daily basis, but have a tendency to let little things like ‘I want ten more minutes of sleep’ or ‘maybe I should read a little this morning instead of write’ get in the way of my blogging. Focus…it it something I need to grasp firmly with two hands and not relinquish – to cling tightly to all throughout the coming year. I want this to be the one New Year’s resolution I keep this year, instead of falling into the pile of recycled resolutions I resuscitate every January and let die every March. My goal is to be able to place an ‘I Pledge To Blog Every Day This Year’ badge (or something to that degree) on my blog as a reminder to myself to keep going, to never give up (no matter how temporarily) my goal. I know I can do it – and I will.