I Can’t Find My Jeep! A Tale of Distortion, Winter Style

The word of the week is “Distorted“, according to the Daily Blog’s weekly photo challenge.  What does “distorted” mean to me?  This week, it means this:

Not bad - for a few hours worth of accumulation, that is.

…and this:

Got to love Chicago winters!

In the first picture, you can see a half-foot of snow covering the ground (as well as a good portion of my Jeep).  Snow is falling in the background, ‘whiting out’ the scenery and distorting the view – both the observer’s view, and the view of anyone attempting to drive on unplowed roads.  The second picture is of my backyard, and at first glance looks like a simple photo of a yard hidden beneath ample amounts of snow.  However, the photo is slightly distorted by the flakes of snow dotting the foreground, hampering an otherwise clear view of our weekly snow accumulation.

As April looms closer, so does the anticipated beginning of the spring season.  Despite that fact (or maybe in spite of it), winter continues to distort my view of spring, covering my vision with a blanket of white precipitation and hiding those much sought-after signs of life blooming anew that each year brings us.  Of course, considering how much I love the snow, I would have to say that this is a “distortion” well worth experiencing!

The Simple Pleasures

If you have not seen the most recent addition to the weekly photo challenge, I highly recommend that you do so.  This week’s post is titled Simple, and features not only a rather lovely picture by the same name, but also a short blog by the photographer herself.  If you have a minute, go take a look!

My photo definition of “simple” this week is an image of one of life’s simple pleasures: a cup of hot chocolate…with marshmallows!

Extra marshmallows, please!

Despite the fact that it is now January, the weather systems over my town have finally decided to get with the program and deliver us our long awaited snow.  I guess three months overdue isn’t too bad – I just wish I could have had a white Christmas (the holidays look rather drab without the covering of snow, and there is only so much outdoor lights and decorations can do to disguise that).  Now when I look out my window, I see over five inches of snow on the ground: every road, tree, and house white-washed and not yet darkened with slush.

There are very few things I enjoy more on a cold and snowy winter’s day than a cup of scalding hot chocolate.  For the first time this season, I can indulge myself and drink to the onset of coming winter storms.  Let others bemoan the possibility of needing to pull out the snow blower again.  Instead, armed with a good pair of gloves and a shovel, my war cry is different: let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Today’s post is short…and not even about technology (although I am posting from my Kindle Fire). Instead, in honor of the half a foot of snow that has finally fallen here in Chicagoland, I am taking a break from posting for the day. Watching the snow fall always makes me crave hot chocolate, and I am going to indulge that craving…with marshmallows.