An App By Any Other Name…Would Still Work Just As Well

Several months ago, I wrote a blog entry about an app called Read It Later.  (This is a bookmarking application capable of interfacing across multiple devices; I use it to share my bookmarks between the different operating systems on my computer, and between my computer, phone, and tablet.)  The web developer for Read It Later (also called Read It Later) recently released the app Pocket to replace it.  The application still runs on your computer exactly as it did prior to the name,

Click to save.

whether you’re surfing for links to save,



The website is now saved as a bookmark.

adding bookmarks,

New app, same look.

accessing your Reading List,

An unread bookmark.

editing your bookmarks,





A "Read" bookmark.

or marking your bookmarks as Read.




The mobile version of the app, however, has seen a few changes.

For starters, the app is now called “Pocket -formerly Read It Later”.  Before the change, users would only be able to access their first ten bookmarks at a time – to view more, they would have to purchase the full application.  Not so anymore.  Now the user has access to all of their bookmarks at any time, automatically downloaded to their device to be viewed online and offline.  Best of all, the app is still free!

If you are looking for a way to sync your bookmarks across multiple devices, Pocket is a good application to consider.  (I especially like to use it on my tablet: my Fire is not a 3G enabled device, so having the ability to access the bookmarks saved offline on my device via Pocket is convenient if I am not in an area with free WiFi.)  This app is available now for download both on the android and iPhone marketplaces.  Happy bookmarking!

Tax Day (AKA, Take The Money and Run!)

I, for one, would have never been able to successfully file my taxes on-time had I lived in the late 1600s.  Every year, I somehow manage to submit my taxes on time, though always last-minute and rarely before April fifteenth.  Thankfully, I have Google calendar to scream the deadline at me when I lose track of my days, and a watch to let me know exactly when late becomes too late.

The Ptolemaic Armillary Sphere - perfect for learning astronomy, not so perfect when used as a calendar.

Had I lived in the 1600s, I might have used a Ptolemaic Armillary Sphere (shown to the right) as a calendar of sorts, and a cheap “sundial” (shown below)

Fun fact: according to this photo, it is 11:30AM. This method of telling time is a great idea if you are looking to save money on an actual sundial - not so great if you live anywhere other than the equator.

to act as my watch: neither containing reminding functions, nor built-in alarms.  Tax day would come and go, with my only reminder of the day’s passing being in the form of an official knocking down my door, demanding a large portion my money (no courteous emails or polite phone calls for me).  Yet another reason to be thankful for mankind’s never-ending thirst for knowledge, and the progress that stems from the obtaining of said knowledge – and alarm apps!

The Many Advancements of Technology

(My Daily Blog photo response will be up tomorrow.)

As a technology enthusiast, I am always on the lookout for newer and better ways to live and manage my life – all with the help of said technology, of course.  My diligent searching recently led to my making this discovery.

Seeing this phone quite literally made my week. Thanks go to its owner - you know who you are!

Introducing: the super smartphone!  Not only does this phone use one of the newest operating systems, function with over one Gigahertz of processing speed, and have at least twenty-four Gigabytes of internal storage, it also comes equipped with enough space on the back to hold several sticky-notes!  What better way to remind yourself of life’s little memos – such as doctor appointments, grocery lists, and directions to that new restaurant you’ve been planning to eat at – than to write them down and stick them to the back of your fully functioning, data-using, PDA-mimicking mobile phone!  Because let’s face it: despite the fact that there are hundreds of options to choose from, ToDo applications are sooo 2011.

¡Viva el progreso!